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6 Responses to “Schick Prayer Letter Post – November 2023”

  1. Bob & Lynne Trout says:

    Thanks so much for your letter. Grateful for your Dad’s testimony, he was quite a Godly servant and we rejoice he is in heaven. Thanks for the other news as well.

  2. Eric gottschling says:

    Thanks for the letter

  3. Kathleen Bragg says:

    Thanks for all the updates. I’m praying for your family with the loss of your father. I just got back from a Celebration of Life for my mother of 101 years. So many have written cards/letters telling how she led them to the Lord in AWANA or Sunday School. May her and your father’s kind be multiplied.
    One of my prayer group gals (Joan) who calls and prays regularly for you has been diagnosed with colon cancer. I took her to her first oncology appointment. She had a port inserted and today when she went to get the IV to start chemo tomorrow, they couldn’t find the port. Unbelievable! Please pray as she lives alone and is reasonably concerned. Pray they won’t have to re-do the surgery!
    Praying for a great Thanksgiving for you with family and a safe return.

  4. Dave Rockwell says:

    So enjoyed reading your November 2023 letter. Reading about the children’s teacher training to go with it warmed my heart. (It seems no one trains teachers anymore. So, way to go.) The tribute to your father was encouraging. Please keep these letters coming. You two are a special part of my BBC family.

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