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Ryan had a noon time tube feeding today that made him nauseous and as a result he threw up and got some food in his lungs. This eventually resulted in an aspiration pneumonia and required him to be transferred to ICU. They had to intubate him due to respiratory stress and elevated heart rate and are also dealing with other issues related to this condition. He is in good condition at this time and hopefully will be able to recover in a matter of days and not weeks as before. We affirm God’s gracious hand is at work even in set-backs like this because He sees all events and knows all purpose and plans for Ryan and us. This may slow Ryan’s goals for this week but we do not believe it will erase his accomplishments such as walking from the therapy room to his room with supervision and a safety strap. We are looking at the bigger picture and are hopeful Ryan will continue to move towards a full recovery.
Thanks for caring and praying.

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