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Update on Ryan – Mar19S

Ryan has successfully made the move to the Poly-trauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (P-TRiP). He has a apartment-like room in a communal living building just across from the Fisher House where we are living on the campus of the Richmond VA Medical Center. This program emphasizes individual living and social interaction. Ryan’s first two weeks involve a lot of orientation and testing. He did see a ear/nose/throat specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University last Wednesday. Ryan has some remaining weakness in this area. We are hoping for more natural progress and healing because any intervention would take a long time and more than likely require another trach tube. Ryan continues to remain very active. He ran 1 km yesterday with close supervision and is training on a stationary bike. He has begun a Bible study with 4 men who are open to learning from the Bible and drawing close to God. Ryan and Ed have an important Social Security Disability meeting downtown on Monday after which Ed will travel to New York City to meet Henryk Skrzypkowski and his son Jonasz who are visiting from Poland. Please see our Schicks to Poland FaceBook page and group. Thanks again for praying and helping Ryan to take another big step forward.

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