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Update on Ryan – Jan25W

Ryan has made steady progress since his time in ICU. We had a family conference with the doctors and therapists last Wednesday (Jan24) in which they outlined goals for Ryan. Ryan is continuing to work on swallowing with restrictions due to the fact his throat was weakened by intubation in ICU. He now has special exercises to improve his strength in swallowing but is still fed by a tube and is underweight. His ability to walk is increasing dramatically though he requires aids for safety. He is able to take care of personal needs more and his memory has greatly improved. They estimate he could be finished with this stage of therapy in March. He would then go to a transitional facility to learn to live more independently. Leslie is caring for Ryan while Ed is on a ministry road trip in MI and OH. Kyle helped out last weekend and had a great time including showing Ryan his new dog, Hector.

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