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Update on Ryan – Feb3F

Ryan has been making steady progress since his set-back with aspiration pneumonia. He no longer requires pulmonary therapy. He is walking a lot more and is beginning to practice on stairs. He is back to eating ice chips and practicing with applesauce. He still has a ways to go on strengthening his swallowing and protecting his lungs. He still has double vision but its improving. He has gained a few pounds but is still thin. Last Tuesday Ryan had a test called an EMG. It lasted a lot longer than we had expected and it was painful; but as usual he was the perfect patient . The results were very encouraging : He had a stretch injury to the nerves that go through the shoulder area, but no tear. Also they said there is clear evidence of the nerves growing back and healing . . . basically, with therapy , he will have full function of his right arm and hand. He may go to the transitional facility in mid-March. In his free time Ryan enjoys movies, audio books (sometimes read by us) and calls from friends. If you would like to call him some evening, let us know. Ryan attends the worship service in the chapel each Sunday and actively participates in worshiping the God who spared his life, is healing him and has a plan to use Ryan’s life for His glory.

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