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Update on Ryan – Feb16

Ryan Walking to Greet His Dad

Ed: On my return to Richmond, VA I was waiting in the Polytrauma dining area when this 20 year old Marine walked up to me and said “Good to see you, Dad.” 🙂 Ryan has started walking with supervision but not direct assistance. He regularly walks with us outside his scheduled PT and has other loftier goals we will not speak about lest we look like we have finished praising God for what has just happened. (Sola Deo Gloria!) On other fronts . . . his swallowing has come along slowly but today radiology watched him and concluded he is ready to move to puree foods. He had only been allowed more frequent ice chips every 2 hours and a full serving of applesauce to practice at speech therapy. His double vision and hoarse voice is still noticeable but he reads his Bible and devotional book aloud every day. He is posting on his own FaceBook site so you can “hear” his own voice clearly through writing. During the last two days I spent extra time with his therapists along with hospital and military representatives who are giving us scenarios for his next steps. They are planning on him going to Polytrauma Transitional on or around March 13 in order to learn independent living. His feeding tube will be an issue but all is in God’s hands. Please see our other website tab or Facebook page for ministry updates. God has blessed my travels with many meetings to report on our progress in Poland and on the home-front with Ryan. We are ever filled with joy to tell you what God is doing to restore Ryan and us through His healing power and the Gospel.

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