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Update on Ryan – Aug5A

Thank you for your prayers concerning Ryan and his throat surgery. All of the scar tissue that was directly impeding his airway was successfully removed. We thank the Lord for Ryan’s safety throughout the whole procedure and period of healing. Ryan has had opportunity to try out his new “unimpeded airway” with a couple of mile runs. He has noticed a marked improvement, with just a fraction of the restriction still remaining. Before when he ran, the only thing he could concentrate on was his need for air. Now, he can actually concentrate on his form as he tries to re-teach his brain the motion of running. * Ryan’s voice is still very weak, raspy and requires much effort. This is due to a vocal fold paralysis that doesn’t allow his vocal cords to touch each other, vibrate and therefore produce sound. In yesterday’s follow-up appointment at John’s Hopkins, the doctor recommended a procedure of injecting a steroid into his vocal cord area that would help improve their function. * Ryan has confessed that on account of his voice, he doesn’t talk very much. We are praying that God will perhaps through this surgery “loosen his tongue.” (See lyrics to Charles Wesley’s hymn, O For a Thousand Tongues To Sing.) It would be wonderful for us to hear Ryan’s voice again. * Please pray for this office procedure which will be done on Friday (Aug11).

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