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1. We celebrated Christian’s graduation last weekend along with meeting Annelise’s future in-laws (Joe & Glenna Whittemore). We also celebrated her fiancé, D.J.’s, graduation from law school.
2. We moved Christian from Lynchburg to Richmond where he will be able to oversee Ryan’s needs during his rehabilitation. Leslie and I successfully moved our belongings to Ray, MI (Ed’s parents’ home) were we will store them and prepare things going to Poland. Johanna will be living with the Nance family during her summer in Lynchburg before she starts her Junior year at Liberty.
3. We have a ministry presentation on Hope Community Baptist Church – Sterling Heights, MI Sunday morning May 20.
4. Our adult children including Ryan will be traveling from the D.C./Virginia area to Ray, MI for Annelise’s & D.J,’s (Whittemore) wedding on Saturday, May 27. They will be living in Lynchburg while D.J. prepares for his bar exam and Annelise works at State Farm.
5. On Monday (May 29 Memorial Day), Ed, Leslie and Ryan will be visiting the hospitals where he was treated as a “Thank-you Tour” for those who saved his life and helped him recover. We rejoice that Ryan has an appointment on June 9 in Baltimore with a complex airway specialist at Johns Hopkins who may be able to help him with breathing and voice issues. At the end of July He will be leaving his transitional rehab program in Richmond and move to Wounded Warrior Battalion East in Portsmouth, VA to serve in limited duty. He eventually be examined by a medical board as he seeks qualify for regular duty.
6. Ed and Leslie will fly from D.C. May 31 and arrive in Poland June 1 to begin year 3 of their ministry (language study, Story of Hope translation, children’s summer day camp).
7. If you didn’t receive our May prayer letter and would like a copy please use the form in the right column on this website. We can be reached at 330-46-6207 or by e-mail, FaceBook.
Thanks for all your support and prayer during the momentous times of our 2016-17 furlough.
Yours in Christ,
Ed & Leslie
Missionaries to Poland

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