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Ryan came to the Richmond VA rehabilitation center shortly before Thanksgiving. He has now completed two full weeks of therapies. Last weekend he spent some time in the medicine ward because he had low levels of sodium and hormones in his blood due to his brain injury. Though this condition is better now, he still has these and other medical “deficits” to overcome. We praise God that every day Ryan continues to make physical and mental improvements. He is now able to stand with assistance, play chess with his brothers and play a small electric keyboard. He is becoming more active physically and will have his trach taken out soon so he can talk more and re-learn to swallow and eat. We enjoy his simple but profound prayers during our Bible time with him. On Tuesday we have a family conference with the doctors in which they will assess his condition and set goals. We are thankful for his progress while bearing the weight of the special care he needs at this time. Last weekend Leslie and I went to our home base in Ray, MI in order to finish the legal permissions needed to care for Ryan’s affairs until he is able to live independently. We are still planning on returning to Poland in May 2017. His siblings have helped care for him when we take breaks like last weekend, and they will continue to care for Ryan if he needs help when we go to Poland. It was a blessing last Wednesday to have some of Ryan’s fellow bandsmen come to the medical center to play Christmas music. We appreciate so much those who have prayed, sent cards, made calls and visits and sent gifts in order to help Ryan and our family move through this period of recovery. May God bless each of you with the presence of Christ in your life as we celebrate His coming in a few weeks. (Please see the newsletter tab on this website which will soon feature some of our ministry updates).

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