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Ryan is doing very well. The Lord is amazing all of Ryan’s therapists and doctors. We are so thankful. Ryan has been better orientated lately. He remembers the day, where we are and why he is here. He is using more specific language. New Year’s Eve he told his brothers to wake him up at 11:47pm. 🙂 With that understanding, though also comes a sadness at times, because he realizes the truth and impact of his situation and limitations. We have mourned these things with him especially in the early weeks after his accident. But he has a lot to be thankful for, though. For example:

1) He played a double scale on his flute (his right fingers weren’t as agile, but they moved to the right keys enough to get the notes out. His blowing was weak, but he’s getting there. He no longer has a trach.)
2) He is walking with the help of a walker and a brace on his right foot. The botox shots seemed to have worked to un-cramp his legs.
3) He is beginning to gain a little weight and holding onto it (he is still quite thin, but he has definitely turned the corner on the matter.)
4) He is beginning to smile more naturally and he is starting to understand a little humor.
5) He has wonderful support – not only from the family but from the Marines and his church family near Quantico as well.
6) – Every evening he reads a Psalm to us from a large print Bible – He still struggles at times with his reading, though. — We believe it’s because his eyes don’t track the line of print in perfect unison. The eye doctor believes that will come in time.
7) And most of all, he’s alive, conscious and will probably fully recover with the exception with perhaps only a few minor deficits – after a “high energy” motorcycle accident. His main doctor had taken a week and a half off for Christmas — when the doctor came back, he couldn’t believe the progress.

The doctors are still looking into some shoulder pain. He is getting more ice chips and the therapist gives him soft foods to test his swallowing strength. We are thankful to the Lord, for working in Ryan’s life. We pray that after this is all over, he will come out a more spiritually strong young man, ready to be used of God. Thanks for praying. Please sign-up on our web page to give Ryan a call in the evening if you can. He does enjoy hearing from you.

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