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Ryan is still working on a regular, all-night sleeping pattern. His medical care team is encouraging him to develop a strong cough and then they will remove his trach possibly as early as next Wednesday (Dec21). They will fit him with a full stop cap on Monday to test his abilities with the trach totally blocked. After the trach is out, they will work on his swallowing before they allow food by mouth. Once that is established they will pull out the feeding tube. Even though Ryan is suffering from spasticity (stiffness) in his legs, he is standing more and “walking” with the assistance of an overhead harness (a.k.a. pinata). They let him try out his own wheel chair. He is able to move along quickly in spite of the weakness of his right arm. He likes to play catch and play on his keyboard during his free time. The Family Conference and Future Discharge Planning meetings this week allowed us to get a formal assessment of Ryan’s progress, to set some goals and priorities as well as look at scenarios for treatment after he leaves the polytrauma unit. They expect him to complete a 7-11 week stay which means he may be leaving in early February. Thanks again for prayer and cards. His Marine friends will be calling him in the evenings until January 3. If others could sign up to call on a particular evening that would be helpful. He really enjoys hearing from others even though his replies are like hoarse whispers. Please see the post “Ryan’s Evening Calls.” Please pray that Ryan will find strength and endurance from the One who also endured thirst and hunger for us when He came to earth to be our Savior.

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