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Ryan was released from the medical intensive care unit and returned to the polytrauma rehabilitation unit yesterday afternoon (Monday). We never would have imagined how happy we would be in the rehab unit until having to go to the MICU because of Ryan’s aspiration pneumonia. This experience was very emotional for Ryan because his awareness of the whole situation and the set-back to his progress which weighed on him more this time. He did experience one improvement during his stay: his right arm is no longer numb but its still very week. He still has lung congestion and will need to be on some antibiotics for a few days. He should be back to his previous progress by the end of the week. We are very grateful for those who prayed and also for visits from Johanna, Christian, Derek and Stephanie. Please pray for enduring hope and patient work in Ryan as he moves forward again. The Lord has given us many open doors of witness and praise to God through this and related incidents. We also have re-engaged with our furlough ministry with supporting churches a partners as well as with our friends in Poland including those working on the translation of The Story of Hope. Ed will leave tomorrow, (Wednesday) for travels in Michigan and Ohio. Love & prayers, Ed & Leslie.

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