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Ryan is making great strides in his therapies and in communication. He still has acute medical needs including food intake. His lungs are much better and there is less coughing. It is possible that his breathing and feeding tubes could be removed in the coming week which will allow him to talk and eat more normally. His right leg and arm are moving more even allowing him to stand 4x and to shake hands. As we all expected, he loves music therapy and can play simple songs on a keyboard. For the most part he is a model patient by politely cooperating with the nurses. The medical personnel expect that he might be ready for transitional rehabilitation in February since he is showing steady improvement. Please pray for Ryan’s spiritual development as well. Ed does a morning wake-up routine with him at 7:30 which includes Reveille, announcements for the day, a simple Bible story with application and prayers. He has therapies 8a-3p M-F, 9a-12p on Saturday. In the evening Leslie plays The Star-spangled Banner and prays before the end of the day. We are hoping he can go to the chapel service this next Sunday morning. Pray also for us as we have many personal, financial and legal things to get caught up on for Ryan, ourselves and our ministry. A big thank-you to all who have faithfully prayed and supported us during this stressful time. Leslie and I will take a necessary trip to Ray, MI this weekend while Annelise, Kyle & Hannah care for Ryan.

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