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Ryan has been accepted for the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond, VA. Walter Reed has approved him for transition on Tuesday (Nov22). With the Traumatic Brain Injury, Polytrauma System of Care, Ryan will have the same medical care he is receiving now plus a team of rehabilitation specialists and equipment that is designed to help him become more mobile and communicative as his brain and body heal. Ryan also needs spiritual strengthening as his awareness of his current “deficits” weigh more heavily on him and he becomes disheartened from time to time. He enjoyed visits from his Marine friends and staff on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Kyle & Hannah have been with him often and brought him pictures yesterday. Christian arrived today; Annelise and Johanna will come on Sunday. Leslie and I are under some stress but God is upholding us along with the prayers of faithful friends.


  1. Joyce Schillaci says:

    Continued prayers for you all. Does this mean you have to find a new place to live? I know you let your light shine no matter where God takes you. I have always admired that quality in you two. Even though your heart is to minister to the lost in Poland, you will bloom where you’re planted! God will bless! We love you.

    • edschick says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Please pray that we will get a room at the Fisher House near the medical center. Its like a Ronald McDonald house for military and their families.

  2. Linda Gilley says:

    Ryan remains in my thoughts and prayers. The depression is only natural, even our 10 yr old Ian feels down at times. Please let him know he has a host of people praying for him to have a quick and complete healing! Love and prayers to all of you! ?❤️??

  3. Rachel Williams says:

    My friends and I have been praying for Ryan’s recovery continuously! It’s so encourging to know that he’s slowly making progress. Thank you for posting updates on his condition, and I’ll be continuing to pray for healing and recovery for him.

    • edschick says:

      I asked Ryan the other day if he remembers playing his flute at GBC and about doing a duet with someone playing the guitar. He can’t talk right now but its good for him to talk about happy memories.

  4. ed schwenke says:

    we’ ve been praying daily and are glad for the up dates as we have shared your needs with our church also. ed

  5. Ellen Robison says:

    Please tell Ryan that,even though he may not remember me, I remember him from your family’s visit to Limestone Baptist church and he is in my thoughts and prayers.
    So are you and Ed.

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