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We had a safe transition to Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD on Thursday. Leslie and Ryan traveled by medical ICU ambulance and private Lear jet to Andrews Air Force base and then on to Walter Reed. Ed traveled by car and arrived late in the evening.
Ryan continues to make progress: He is alert for longer stretches of time. He is breathing through the trach completely on his own without a machine. He is moving a little more spontaneously and is being evaluated for therapy. Ryan is still having special tests to make sure he does not have any unknown problems to hinder his progress. He is getting more visits from other family members and friends near where he was serving in the Marine Band in Quantico, VA. This is also an important part of his rehabilitation and recovery.
We have been impressed by the quality of care he has received here. Because they treat wounded warriors, the medical personnel here knows how to handle the worst. That having been said, we know that it is God who will heal Ryan.
Thank you for your prayers.
Ed & Leslie Schick
P.S. If you would like to send Ryan or us anything by mail, just use the contact form on this website.

4 Responses to “A New Chapter in Ryan’s Recovery”

  1. Ed says:

    Please leave a reply (comment) if you wish. — Ed

  2. Bill & Doris Smallman says:

    What a stressful time for you all! Doris and I are praying for Ryan, and for you, along with the folks at First Baptist Church in Medina OH. We have a grandson Ryan so his name triggers our memory to pray for your Ryan. We are thankful for some progress, but know the road to recovery can be a long one.
    You are in my territory now, as I grew up just a tad east of Bethesda in Wheaton. We served in Brazil’s Amazon Valley all through the 1970s, and then in the administration of Baptist Mid-Missions until retirement in 2009. Our son Dave and family have been in south Brazil with ABWE since 2000. They were on a church planting team and now live there and continue ministry as self-supporting laymen under the Brazilian pastor in the church they helped to start. Dave has a marketing business there, and his employees include son Ryan and his new Brazilian wife, both godly graphic artists with an online business of their own developing and selling witness wear.
    So we know how precious family members are, and how their care digs into your own ministry on your field. Our kids ARE our primary ministry. God bless you! We will follow closely and keep praying with and for you. Bill Smallman & Doris

  3. Dawn Sweet says:

    Ed and Leslie,

    Your son is strong and has the most amazing support system with his family and his belief in our ultimate healer, God, our heavenly Father. Please know that all of us at the Preble County Emergency Center and the Kettering Health Network continue to pray for him. He has been our miracle and we cannot be more excited about the progress he is making. Thank you for allowing us to continue to be a part of his journey. God bless!


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